1) How does it work?

We've made the process super simple! Select the box you'd like to order and select the time frame. Add your selection to your cart and checkout. You'll receive an email notification of your purchase a few minutes later. That's it! 

2) How soon will I receive my box after I subscribe?

All boxes will ship the 4th of each season and will be delivered straight to your door. New subscribers have until the last day of each season to sign up and all subscriptions will auto-renew on the 11th of each season. See Question 9) below for the order/ship schedule for the Balanced Lifestyle Box. 

3) What if I want to try one box? 

You can absolutely try just one box! Once you receive your box, if you don't want to continue, simply cancel your subscription before the renewal is set to take place. If you forget, we send out a reminder email 2 days before the renewal, to give you a heads up!

4) Can I purchase a gift? 

Yes of course! All you have to do is check off the "gift" box when placing your order.

5) Can I cancel anytime? 

Yes, absolutely! You are able to cancel your subscription at anytime. All subscriptions renew on the 11th of each season. We send out a reminder email on the 9th, to give you a heads up, in case you forget. You'll never be charged without being sent the reminder email first. All box purchases are final sale and non-refundable. Cancelling your subscription will ensure it does not renew for an additional term but does not generate a refund and you will still receive any boxes remaining under the term. 

6) Are there any cancellation fees or obligations? 

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on transparency. There are no cancellation fees or other fees that we sneak up on you. 

7) How much is shipping? 

Shipping is free to the contiguous U.S. (every state excluding Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories) for the Balanced Lifestyle Box. 


8) Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii or U.S. territories?

Unfortunately no; at this time we ship within the contiguous U.S. only

9) What is the order and shipping schedule? 

The Balanced Lifestyle Box ships out once every season (every 3 months). You have between the first and last day of the season to sign up for the following season's box. For example, orders for the Fall Balanced Lifestyle Box are open from July 1st - September 30th and will ship out on October 4th. Renewals for the Balanced Lifestyle Box will take place every 3 months from your initial purchase date.

  • Lifestyle Box Season
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • fall
  • Order Period
  • Oct 1 to Dec 31
  • Jan 1 to Mar 31
  • Apr 1 to June 30
  • July 1 to Sept 30
  • Ship Date
  • Jan 4
  • Apr 4
  • July 4
  • Oct 4

10) I ordered a prepaid plan. Can I cancel it and be refunded? 

All pre-paid plans are non-refundable. You can cancel it anytime, to ensure it does not renew for another term but we cannot refund after the purchase has been made and the term has begun.

 11) Can I choose the products that are in my box?
We do not offer individual customizations. Our Curation Team carefully handpicks items to go into each box! The boxes are a surprise for all subscribers each month, and all subscribers will receive their boxes around the same time each shipping period